My Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

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A little while ago Anthony Scully of ABC Open invited me to do a post on writing tips for historical fiction. It has been quite a journey working out my tips and whitling down my list to five. Along the way I contacted Justin Go, the author of The Steady Running of the Hour. His webpage details the research journey the writing of his novel took him on. I hope you enjoy my tips and would love to hear yours. Writing Historical Fiction.


3 thoughts on “My Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

  1. Loved your five tips, I subscribe to every one fo them.

    When I started reserching my novel I leaned a lot on the net… though I have to say I knew absolutely nothing about the subject, so any info, even very general, were good for me. Then, the more I learnd, the less I was satisfied with info on the net. They became too general and too superficial. I really believe reaserch is done on the books and on location (when possible), more than on the net, though the net is a fantastic starting point. It is also a wonderful database. I found all my books on internet databases (I have no other option, since, living in Italy, I don’t have access to any American librery… and I’ll always moarn on it, but well…), I found lots of pics on the net, and that’s fantastic for setting, as you pointed out. I also found a few very specific articles with info I haven’t found anywhere else.

    So yeah, the net is a wonderful place for researchers, but I think we shouldn’t rely just on it.

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