Narrabeen Beach

Last weekend I walked Narrabeen Beach for the first time in over twenty years. It was a time to reflect on my life during that period and also to remember the poem I wrote back then. So much has happened but the beach is still pretty much as I remembered it from the 90s and I find that the poem is still true to the person I am now. Comforting somehow.
It seems the green coastal stabilisation scheme has done it’s job.

The poem was originally published in the Poetry at the Pub Anthology for 1998 – Untitled. I hope you enjoy it.


This is my beach and has been for a long time.
Beach Boys song aside and the surfers –
I’ve never waited for one of them to come
ashore yet they rock out there, astraddle,
patient as the wheeling gulls. But for me
history’s important. I need the whole story.
I need an old codger, sand ingrained
on his back from thousands of summers.
I remember when, he’ll say. Although Bondi
has the famous rescue of ’38 to tell, he must
have some memories worth hearing. Right now
I’ll seek him out. Right now in the yellow
fibro house with the turquoise window sills
two doors down. No, that’s a young couple
renovating. He’s in the units in Malcolm
Street and can’t recall a think, not even
the Sixties when it used to take forever
to walk from lake to beach or so it seemed
to me. That hill of sand has since eroded
into a green coastal stabilisation scheme.
The daisies flower amongst sober realisations
that the sand is washing away with everything
else – the long walk to the other side,
the lone surfer, the old codger years younger
telling stories of the first boat crew.

Debbie Robson



4 thoughts on “Narrabeen Beach

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Yes I have Narrabeen conections too, to Narrabeen Girls’ High.
    I am about to set up another email account, this weekend hopefully, especially for the writing, so I can send something out to publishers with a scatter gun approach and it will be easy to look for replies in a purpose built email account.
    I see that WordPress does not offer one and am wondering what to do.
    My main account has been with hotmail/outlook forever so I suppose I want a new one that can be linked with that. I pay for the existing one – about $40 per year so I can have unlimited storage of emails (ie never have to delete any) perhaps I can have another address under that same $40- I will try and check out.
    This time I will have one with my name in it. I’m sure lots of acquaintances ignore stuff from ‘tomorrowtrading’ because they don’t recognise it as me.
    Would love any advice/suggestions.

    Paula Sundew Morrow


    Writer, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Speaker

    ND Dips Ac, Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition (post-grad)

    BA. MCI Member ASA (Aus Society of Authors)



    • Hi Paula
      Good to hear from you, Gmail is very good and once you create an account with google, you have a gmail account and an online drive. Let me know how you go.


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